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You Tube Videos with Amie Mouneimne and Anne Nuotio

Yoga & Injuries ~ Is yoga injuring you or are You injuring you? (31min) with Amie Mouneimne and Charlotte Gillbanks

What is the responsibility of the teacher and what is the responsibility of the student? Why do students injure themselves and can this be avoided? Get ready for a conterversial discussion with Amie & Charlotte who broach the subjects of not only physical injuries but also emotional and psychological ones.

Grief and Endings with Amie & Charlotte (30 min. in English) with Amie Mouneimne and Charlotte Gillbanks

Our Western society often passes over loss, death, and endings quickly and sometimes as if these events never happened at all. We tend to move onto the next thing, « get over it, »  without allowing ourselves and others to experience the fullness of these events. What happens to us physically when we « stuff » our feelings? What happens when we allow ourselves to fully feel? Join Amie & Charlotte for this important discussion about loss, grief, and endings.



Les Sauterelles et l’équilibre – Une séance de Vinyasa Yoga enregistrée avec nos élèves-profs 2018-19 (1h30)




Les Sauterelles et la fluidité – Une séance de Vinyasa Yoga enregistré avec nos élèves-profs 2018-19

(1h30 Vinyasa + 30mn Savasana Inspirée du Yoga Nidra)


The Discipline of Freedom ~ The Freedom of Discipline (30 min-English) with Amie Mouneimne and Charlotte Gillbanks

Amie & Charlotte have an exciting conversation about discipline and freedom. Can you be too disciplined? Can you be too undisciplined? Can you find freedom within discipline? An interesting topic for yogis but also for anyone who is fine-tuning and mastering a talent such as a musical instrument, a language, an art, or just seeking balance in daily life!


 Amie, Charlotte & Savasana (30 min.-English version) with Amie Mouneimne and Charlotte Gillbanks

Enjoy this fun informal chat Charlotte and Amie have about Savasana (corpse pose) known as the relaxation part at the end of a yoga class. They talk about their experiences, opinions, and everything in-between regarding the infamous and mysterious « savasana. » Why do we do savasana at the end of class? What’s the point? What if you can’t stop the chatter in your head? What if you aren’t comfortable lying with a bunch of strangers? Is there a right way to do it? Is there a wrong way? Here’s what we think. Feel free to leave your comments!


Séance Rising Phoenix avec Amie 1h15 en français – Inspiré par nos élèves-profs de la formation 2017-18



Séance de 45 min avec Amie – Courte pratique pour les personnes qui n’ont pas le temps!




Séance de Vinyasa Yoga avec Amie 1h15 – Inspiré par mes élèves et enregistré pendant leur cours!



Podcast – I’m busy (English version – 6 min 51) – Our modern disease of busy-ness with Amie Mouneimne



ModernYogaPodcast – Yoga moderne (en français – 6 min 56) avec Amie Mouneimne

Podcast – Modern Yoga (English version – 6 min 52) with Amie Mouneimne


Unique Feet

 Podcast – Unique (en français – 4 min 29) avec Amie Mouneimne

Podcast – Unique (English version – 5 min) with Amie Mouneimne


Magnetic-fairy-garphicPodcast – C’est ton tour de briller (en français – 3 min) avec Amie Mouneimne

Podcast – Time to shine (English version – 3 min) with Amie Mouneimne


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