ConSOULtations with Amie

Who are ConSOULtations for?
Yoga Teachers (new and seasoned)
Yoga Teachers in Training
Yoga Studio Owners
Yoga practitioners
What can I offer you?
After 20 years of living and breathing yoga, my focus today is to support yogis/yoginis like yourself through one-on-one consultations. From training teachers, running a studio, and commiting to my own inner-quests, I have gained clarity and understood the importance of boundaries, self-love and self-worth. I have learned how to wholeheartedly encourage, support and believe in others. I have been challenged relentlessly as a studio owner and as a trainer. Time and time again, I have accepted and met the challenges in front of me. With this persistency and humility, I have accumulated many powerful tools that I am now able to transmit to you.
My passion has always been teaching and passing on knowledge. I can offer you gifts of clarity, growth, confidence, transformation and empowerment. Sometimes we need to process things with someone who has been there and who « gets it ».  Being on this yogic path can be quite lonely at times. Even though we each walk our own path, we can walk together for a while if you like…
My specialities
  • Teacher-student relationships (boundary-setting, ethics and integrity, student projections…)
  • Building your dream team (for Studio Owners)
  • Finding your niche (Identifying where and who to teach. Highlighting your qualities and teaching style)
  • New life (Creating your new life plan as a teacher and/or studio owner)
  • Communications (Effectively communicating who you are in an original way. Gaining visability via your website and social media)
  • Damage control (Handling accidents, unstable students, or unethical situations at your studio)
  • Integrity, freedom and power regarding yoga styles (For those at the crossroads of breaking away from a certain style or teacher)
  • Anglo-Saxon business culture (The taboos, the mindset, the do’s and dont’s)
  • French business culture (The taboos, the mindset, the do’s and don’ts)
If you are in need of some direction, clarity, guidance or emotional support, let’s chat!
Contact me:
(Si vous préférez discuter en français, c’est possible!)
For more information about my background, please visit my page Amie Mouneimne. You may also consult my Credentials
Get a feel for who I am by listening to some of my Podcasts
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