Amie Mouneimne


I recently moved from Marseille, France to Victoria, BC with my husband and two daughters. I have been an avid yoga student, teacher, studio owner, and teacher trainer for more than 20 years.

Practicing yoga keeps me balanced, strong, free, joyous, and in-tune with my feelings and needs. It has been key in helping me become more compassionate, connected, and loving with myself and others.

I have had the honor to study and train with amazing teachers such as Gérard Arnaud, Ana Forrest, and many more. In 2013, I created and launched a 200-hour Teacher Training in Vinyasa Yoga accredited by Yoga Alliance. Since then, more than 100 students have graduated from Asana Yoga Studio.  Many of our graduates have opened their own studios and the majority teach at schools, offices, hospitals, at studios or out of their homes. My team of teachers at my Marseille studio was primarily made-up of our trainees and I feel we were a Dream Team!

From training teachers, running a studio, and commiting to my own inner-quests, I have gained clarity, learned about boundaries, self-love and self-worth, as well as what it means to encourage, support and believe in others! I have witnessed great changes in our students and in myself. I have been challenged relentlessly as a studio owner and as a trainer. Time and time again, I have accepted and met the challenges in front of me. With this persistency and humility, I have accumulated many powerful tools that I am able to transmit to others.

My mission is encouraging students & teacher trainees to wholeheartedly discover and accept every single facet of their being in order to feel free, grounded, strong and in charge of their lives. With this realization, students can create a joyful, fulfilling, beautiful life.

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